Innovation of veterinary medicines
The legislation and regulations on the authorisation of veterinary medicines for use are very similar to those for human medicines. "Since 2001," says Frank. "Did you know that a new European regulation for veterinary medicines is coming up? The European Commission's starting point in making these rules was to reduce the administrative burden, improve the internal market, stimulate innovation and thus increase the availability of veterinary medicines. EMA will have an important role to play in this respect. This organization will manage the overarching European database containing all veterinary medicines that are authorised on the market anywhere in the EU. The legislation and regulations also state that new innovative veterinary medicines can only gain access to the entire European Union through a central European procedure. These are new high-tech veterinary medicines. Examples are medicines based on DNA technology or stem cells. To do this, you go to EMA and not to the individual member states. Besides, the scientific benefit-risk assessments of these new medicines are carried out by experts from the Member States, under the flag of the Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products.”

Relocation EMA
Frank thinks it's great that EMA is coming to the Netherlands. "It's a showpiece. But also a stimulus for the Netherlands in the field of all matters relating to the pharmaceutical world. The arrival of EMA is of great importance for the economy of the Netherlands, because it has an economic pull factor on pharmaceutical companies that also open offices in the Netherlands.”