Because of the Brexit, EMA must have left London on 30 March 2019. The Dutch plans foresee that the new building on the Zuidas will not be completely finished by then. Therefore, a temporary premises is available. The temporary EMA building near Amsterdam Sloterdijk has been radically modified to accommodate EMA. This is because an extensive conference centre is crucial for EMA’s work.

Did you know that the temporary building:

  • was built in 1992
  • is called the Spark building
  • is approximately 15,000 m² in size
  • has 850 workstations and approximately 4,500 m² conference room
  • is available to accommodate EMA from 1 January 2019
  • is delivered with a well-equipped conference centre, a company restaurant and a reception desk
  • Is only used by EMA
  • is located opposite Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station. This provides a good connection to Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central Station.

Amsterdam Sloterdijk is developing from a location where mainly offices were located to an area with more living space. There are more and more facilities nearby, including hotels.

The bid book refers to a temporary building with only workstations, close to the new building (of which the meeting location could be used earlier). Together with EMA, however, another location was chosen, where all activities are possible. Based on a cost-benefit analysis, this has become the Spark building. The Spark building has been added to the Central Government Real Estate Agency’s portfolio and will be used to house government agencies  after EMA’s departure. The Netherlands pays the costs for EMA’s temporary premises.

Relocation of the EMA organisation to Amsterdam

After 1 January 2019, EMA will gradually relocate to its temporary accomodation in the Spark building. The biggest relocation will take place in March, when EMA’s doors close in London. EMA itself will take care of the relocation from London to the Spark building. The Netherlands will organise the relocation from the temporary to the permanent premises.

It is of course important that both relocations are as smooth as possible and that the employees’ work is disturbed as little as possible.

Where is the temporary building located?

Temporary building for EMA (Spark Building)

Orlyplein 2, Amsterdam