FAQs Temporary and permanent premises for EMA

What do we know about EMA’s temporary premises?

  • EMA’s temporary premises will be in the Spark Building.
  • The Central Government Real Estate Agency has purchased the building for 42,8 million euros. After EMA moves out the building will be used to house government services. The Netherlands, not EMA, is paying for this temporary lease.
  • The Spark Building is located next to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, a 10-minute train ride from Schiphol Airport.
  • The Spark Building has sufficient office space for EMA staff and about 4,500 m² of conference capacity.
  • Since the Spark Building already has conference capacity, the new Zuidas building will not need to be delivered in two stages as originally planned (in April 2019 and end of 2019).
  • The new Zuidas building will be delivered in one go in November 2019.
  • Timely turnkey delivery of the temporary premises in the Spark Building. Turnkey means finished standard walls, floors, ceilings, canteen and reception desk. Timely means the premises will be delivered before the first EMA project planners arrive in early 2019, with the other staff following by 30 March 2019.
  • EMA will be the sole tenant of the Spark Building.
  • The Spark Building was built in 1992 and extensively renovated in 2017. As a result it now has an A-grade energy performance certificate.
  • 15,000 m² of gross floor area (lettable area is 12,804 m²).

What was the selection procedure for the temporary premises?

After EMA’s intended move to Amsterdam was announced, the project organisation considered several possible locations with EMA. The Spark Building turned out to be the best option.

Why has the Netherlands departed from the bid book scenario and opted for alternative temporary premises?

The bid book said the temporary premises would only have workstations and would be located as near as possible to the new building. Meetings would be held in the new building, where the conference facilities would be delivered in April 2019.

The Spark Building provides both workspace and conference capacity. This means it is no longer necessary to deliver the new building’s conference area in April 2019, ahead of the construction completion date. Instead, the new premises will be delivered in one go in November 2019.

A temporary location is not ideal for EMA, but it is the best solution available in the given situation. If a building had been available that met all of EMA’s requirements, there would have been no need for a completely new building.

The Spark Building is an interim solution. At EMA’s request, the choice of location is different from the one described in the bid book in order to avoid EMA having to move to the new premises in two stages. It turns out that this is a better solution in practice. And it would be srange not to use this better solution, just because it is not in the bid book.

Occasionally, additional conference facilities will be required. This can be rented nearby. So in effect, the interim solution will offer a better deal than the one in the bid book.

Is it true that the delivery date of the new building has been moved from September to November 2019?

Yes. This relates to shifting the date of decision-making in Europe, among other things. EMA agreed to this in the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the parties involved in December 2017.

The temporary premises offer a workable solution for the extra six weeks between the original and new delivery date – a fairly limited delay for a building project of this size. The Central Government Real Estate Agency, the Municipality of Amsterdam and the building company have already made detailed preparations and the construction started on 1 May, sooner than initially planned.

How big will the new building be?

The new building will have 1,300 workstations and a total work area of around 31,000 m². EMA will have a considerable range of conference rooms at its disposal, which are crucial to the continuity of its scientific work.

How much will the relocation cost?

The costs for the EMA project include the costs of housing, support for staff and the strengthening of the EU network of medicines authorities.

At the end of 2019, the Netherlands will deliver a fully furnished building for the rental price as stated in the bid book. To make it cost-effective, we expect to contribute an average of € 3 million per year over the next ten years.

In addition, the Municipality of Amsterdam will receive a contribution of € 2.5 million for the personal guidance of EMA staff and their families.

How much will the new building cost?

The Central Government Real Estate Agency has contracted builder Dura Vermeer for the construction and 20 years of maintenance of the EMA office, for a sum of € 255 million. The Central Government Real Estate Company owns the leasehold on the ground in perpetuity.

How much will the temporary premises cost?

The detailed costs have yet to be finalized. The building has already been acquired by the Central Government Real Estate Agency and will be used as a government building after EMA’s departure.

When will the temporary premises be ready for use?

On 1 January 2019. From that date on, EMA staff can start working in the Spark Building in Amsterdam.

When will the new building be ready for use?

The completion date for EMA’s permanent premises is November 2019.