FAQs Service desk for EMA staff

How are the Dutch authorities helping EMA staff and their families with their move to the Netherlands?

The Dutch authorities set up the Netherlands helpdesk, a transition service desk, at EMA in December 2017. It provides general information about accommodation, education, healthcare and employment opportunities for partners. In February 2018, the transition team started providing personal transition support to EMA staff, helping them prepare for their move to the Netherlands.

Why is the Netherlands providing relocation assistance to EMA staff?

EMA is an important organization. We want the relocation to be as smooth as possible for all employees. The Netherlands helpdesk provides general information and assistance with

  • finding housing
  • finding schools and childcare centres
  • healthcare
  • employment opportunities for partners
  • administrative procedures
  • Dutch language lessons and an introduction to Dutch culture
  • arranging various services
  • additional arrangements (such as bringing pets to the Netherlands)

What assistance are the Dutch authorities providing for EMA staff?

The helpdesk is providing assistance in two phases.

  • Phase 1: December 2017 – February 2018
    Information sessions for all EMA staff. Individual employees could contact the helpdesk with general questions or make an appointment to discuss personal circumstances.
  • Phase 2: February 2018 – March 2019
    During this phase, all EMA staff and their families receive personal assistance with their move to the Netherlands. The helpdesk team will hold interviews with all EMA staff and provide tailor-made support.

The London helpdesk closes at the end of March, but EMA staff will continue to receive assistance up to 31 December 2019.

Who are the helpdesk transition team?

The helpdesk is staffed by various employees of the municipality of Amsterdam. The team also includes several experts from Expat Help BV, a relocation agency which was selected through an open contract award procedure. The experts are responsible for providing individual assistance to EMA staff and their families. The Dutch authorities remain actively involved by monitoring services and reporting on progress every six months.