FAQs Schooling for the children of EMA staff

Do international schools in Amsterdam have enough places for the children of EMA staff?

Not all EMA staff will choose to live in immediate proximity to the Amsterdam Zuidas district. Other towns and cities like The Hague, Hilversum, Almere and Bergen are only a short commute away. A wide variety of schooling is available across this part of the Netherlands. There are 2 European schools, 16 government-funded international schools, 5 foreign schools, 7 independent international schools – and of course regular Dutch schools.

Together, these schools have ample capacity for the children of EMA staff. Find out more about the current availability at international schools in the Amsterdam area.

What types of school are available to the children of EMA staff?

There are five main types of school:

  • European schools
    These offer multilingual and multicultural education. They were originally founded to teach the children of staff working for European Union institutions.
  • Government-funded international schools
    At these schools, all the teaching and learning is in English. The schools offer international education to children from internationally mobile families.
  • Foreign schools
    These offer the curriculum of another country and are supervised by its own education authorities. The Deutsche Schule is an example of a foreign school.
  • Independent international schools
    These are not funded by any government authority in the Netherlands or abroad, but are supervised by an international accreditation organisation.
  • Dutch schools
    Local neighborhood schools will help internationals to intergrade in the Netherlands. To enter a local Dutch school children in the age from six will first go to a Newcomers school to learn the Dutch language..

How many children will accompany their parents to the Netherlands?

Together, EMA staff moving to the Netherlands have 638 children, most of whom are primary school age.

When will the EMA children start attending school in the Netherlands?

EMA must relocate to Amsterdam Zuidas before 30 March 2019. Some staff members will move to Amsterdam before this date. Their children will start attending school in the Netherlands on 1 August 2018 or 1 January 2019.

Other staff will arrive later, so their children will probably start school on 1 August 2019.

Some staff members will prefer their children to finish school in the United Kingdom before coming to the Netherlands. It is possible to transfer to an international school at any point in the school year.

Will EMA staff get assistance with choosing schools?

Yes. A service desk has been set up at EMA’s London office to provide relocation assistance. Its staff are experienced in helping international newcomers prepare for life in the Netherlands and can answer any questions EMA staff may have about the relocation. The service desk held information meetings about the types of education available in the Netherlands. In February 2018, the team is expanded and provides personal assistance to EMA staff.