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First written report on EMA buildings submitted

On January 9th the first written report on the progress of the renovation of the temporary building and of the construction of ...

News item | 10-01-2019 | 16:48

Dutch Minister for Medical Care Bruno Bruins welcomes EMA in the Netherlands

The temporary location for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is now ready for use. This is an important step in EMA’s ...

News item | 09-01-2019 | 17:41

Two 'medicine men' about their relationship with EMA

Frank Verheijen and Emiel van Galen work at the Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB). They talk about their relationship with the ...

News item | 08-01-2019 | 00:00

Technical delivery Spark building

Thanks to good preparations and constructive cooperation between all parties involved, the technical delivery of the temporary ...

News item | 30-11-2018 | 14:09

Website update

Our website has been given a different look. We have modernized the design and updated the content. In this news item you can ...

News item | 09-11-2018 | 17:49

Visit delegation EMA Management Board

On 7 November, a delegation of the EMA Management Board visited both the temporary building and the building plot of the new EMA ...

News item | 08-11-2018 | 16:49

Agreement on regulation relocation EMA

In Brussels the European Union has reached an agreement to legislate on the relocation of the European Medicines Agency from ...

News item | 18-10-2018 | 15:08

Reaching the highest point of the core of the EMA building

The highest point of the core of the permanent building of the European Medicines Agency has been reached. That has been ...

News item | 18-09-2018 | 17:44

Four stories about the core of the new EMA building

Fastening concrete reinforcement, placing steel anchors, casting concrete, smoothing out the outside: it's just a hop, skip and ...

News item | 14-09-2018 | 13:57

EMA construction company to work 24 hours a day

From 13 August until the end of September the contractor will be working 24 hours a day to ensure that the new EMA building is ...

News item | 13-08-2018 | 14:03