Dynamic interplay for unique green heart

Openness, trust, understanding, cooperation and constantly devising solutions ensure that different parties can create a unique green wall and roof garden in the new EMA building. A military operation with complex puzzle pieces that have to be put in place in rapid succession. What do you see when the puzzle is ready? How do the parties solve the puzzle? We sat around the table with them and felt great dynamics and passion.

"Wherever you are in the building, you're never far from a green environment."

from left to right: Bas Heessels, *Barry Loerakker, Hugo Rots, Rutger van der Klip, Rob Hopstaken and Walter van de Werken

“The green wall and roof garden are part of a larger whole," says Bas Heessels, project manager and landscape designer at OKRA landschapsarchitecten." That's what we call the landscape ribbon. The new EMA building has a relatively strict design. As a counterpart, the choice was made to bring a lush landscape ribbon with organic forms from street level all the way to the top of the building. This ribbon is a wavy shape that starts at the entrance square. The organic pattern then continues via the roof garden, the coffee lounge and the green wall in the atrium to the top of the building. We took into account the choice of rigid and green materials in order to create as much contrast as possible with the architecture of the building. Wherever you are in the building, you’re never far from a green environment."

Rob Hopstaken is design leader at Construction Consortium EMA and explains that the landscape ribbon brings the entire building together. "It connects through a green heart through the building. The nice thing is that the lush forms of the landscape ribbon recur throughout the building and connect with each other. The green heart contrasts with the architecture of the building itself. That is also the intention."

Rutger van der Klip is a technical designer at OKRA landschapsarchitecten: "We integrate architecture, interior and landscape. This is an important starting point for shaping the landscape ribbon. Even the furniture in the entrance hall, the roof garden and the coffee lounge are tailored to this."

"The indoor green wall is the most spectacular in Europe," says Walter van de Werken, project consultant for roof and facade vegetation at Koninklijke Ginkel Groep. "It is not a straightforward vertical garden. It has a 3D effect. The combination with natural stone and the coherence with the landscape ribbon make it spectacular. The landscape ribbon, the roof garden and the green wall should be seen as one whole. It surrounds the entire building. That is unique and powerful. I think this is a highlight in our field of expertise."

Hugo Rots: "What we design together is unique. The work is very precisely on an enormous scale." Hugo is director of Rots Maatwerk. "I do everything that has to do with non-living materials such as natural stone, steel, lighting, wooden benches. There is little time and little margin of error. That's why it's a military operation. A lot of preparation and joint consultation is needed to be able to build the landscape ribbon in a very short period of time. The complete construction team has to be a well-oiled machine. It is and we are all proud of it."

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