Come and visit the EMA building at the day of construction

On June 15th it is possible to visit the construction site of the EMA-building at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. A unique chance to see the building before completion.

BC EMA Projectdirector Frans Rombouts elaborates: “The day of the construction is meant for people that are interested to find out more about how buildings are being built. A day like this gives us the opportunity to show all that is possible in construction.”

Tour of the construction site
Mr. Rombouts explains that people that are interested are offered a tour of the building under construction. “We set out a route and explain along the way exactly what it is that we are building. We show people areas of the building that we think are interesting to see, for instance, the restaurant, meeting rooms and the lobby. But we also take into account the safety of the public as our construction workers will also be working on that day.” The route that people follow will be clearly marked. Because of that, there is no need to wear a safety helmet.

Practical notes

  • Please note that the tour of the building will take about half an hour.
  • It is not allowed to take pictures.
  • There is no need to register before visiting.
  • Since the tour involves stairs it is unfortunately not suited for wheelchairs.

How to get there
From Gustav Mahlerplein.

From Station Amsterdam Zuid, special trains will bring you to the site. For more information please visit the Zuidas website.

It is also possible to come by car, but there is no possibility for onsite parking. 

About the day of the construction
The day of the construction is a day that allows the public to visit construction sites throughout the Netherlands. It is organized by Bouwend Nederland, the association of construction and infrastructure companies. For more information on the visit of the EMA building please follow this link (in Dutch).