It’s a real pleasure to meet you

The American track and field sprinter Allyson Felix once said: “Everyone sees the glory moments, but not what happens behind the scenes.” We spoke to a number of people that work in the Spark building who ensure that the EMA employees will be able to carry out their work carefree. They all look forward  to welcoming the rest of the staff once they move here from London.

This is Marck Wollenberg, general manager: "My goal is to make sure that everyone who works in the Spark building is happy.” Read more about Marck.

This is Oumarou Kaba. He collects the waste in the Spark building: "The people I work with are sweet. To me a good working atmosphere is most important.” Read more about Oumarou.

This is Firouze Akhbari, supervisor of the reception: "I aim to be a good hostess and want people to feel welcome." Read more about Firouze.

This is Michel van der Vlugt, security supervisor: "The Spark building is the place to work for a security guard because we carry out all aspects of that profession here." Read more about Michel.

This is Maaike Cheroutre, facility manager: "Walking all day, talking and doing a thousand different things. I am like a spider in the web.” Read more about Maaike.