Dutch Minister for Medical Care Bruno Bruins welcomes EMA in the Netherlands

The temporary location for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is now ready for use. This is an important step in EMA’s relocation to the Netherlands. Each year, EMA will bring 36,000 visitors to the Netherlands, and its move here will also attract many companies to the country.

Minister of Health Bruno Bruins: “It’s crucial to millions of patients in Europe that EMA be able to monitor the safety and quality of medicines unhindered”, noted the Minister. “We’re delighted to welcome EMA to the Netherlands, and to deliver this temporary home as we await the completion of the organisation’s new, custom-made building".

Executive director EMA Guido Rasi: “Today marks the first step in EMA’s new life in the Netherlands. I would like to thank the Dutch authorities who have worked hard to ensure all is ready to welcome us in Amsterdam. This will allow a smooth transition and avoid any delay in fulfilling our important public health mission”.

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