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On June 15th it is possible to visit the construction site of the EMA-building at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. A unique chance to see the building before completion.…

19 days ago
Relocatema (EN) @relocatemaEN

"Congratulations on 1 year of construction! Healthy fish sandwiches from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport." @RijksvastgoedNL @DuraVermeer @heijmansnl @EMA_News @AmsterdamNL @Iamsterdam @ZuidasAmsterdam

55 days ago
Relocatema (EN) @relocatemaEN

This is what the construction of the new EMA building looks like when you drive past it on the metro. @RijksvastgoedNL @EMA_News @EmaObserver @Iamsterdam @AmsterdamNL @heijmansnl @DuraVermeer

61 days ago
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