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The construction of the EMA-building is progressing steadily. On the eastside of the building the glass exterior is finished untill the 3rd storey! @DuraVermeer @heijmansnl @RijksvastgoedNL #EMA #BouwcombinatieEMA

15 days ago
Relocatema (EN) @relocatemaEN

We already look through glass on three floors on the west side of the new EMA building at the Zuidas in Amsterdam @EMA_News @AmsterdamNL @RijksvastgoedNL @ZuidasAmsterdam @Iamsterdam

16 days ago
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EU Medicines Agency @EMA_News

#EMA has updated its relocation tracking tool, which provides an overview of the main milestones and deliverables for the Agency’s move to Amsterdam:…

16 days ago
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