At the end of 2019, the Netherlands will deliver a fully furnished building for the rent stated in the bid book.

Did you know that the new building:

  • gets a large conference centre with an auditorium where public hearings can also be held
  • will soon have 1,300 workplaces
  • has approximately 31,000 m2 of office space
  • has a total size of approximately 39,000 m2

Did you know that:

  • on 18 September 2018 the highest point of the core of the building (80 meters) was reached
  • this is realized in 6 weeks, and via a sliding formwork
  • the Central Government Real Estate Agency (CGREA) has contracted the builder Dura Vermeer for the construction of the EMA office and, for 20 year, its maintenance, and that the CGREA does this together with another well-known Dutch contractor: Heijmans
  • the amount involved is 255 million euro
  • the CGREA has bought off the leasehold on the land from the municipality of Amsterdam in perpetuity.

How can the permanent building be built so quickly?

The permanent building will be completed in November 2019. Specific time-saving choices were made during the construction, while the quality remains high. For example, the design process of a number of components coincided with the moment when the first piles were already in the ground. That was at the beginning of May 2018. The steel construction around the core starts in November, and between March and August 2019 the building’s facades will be closed.

Where is the new building located?

New EMA building

Domenico Scarlattilaan, Amsterdam