EMA in the media

A collection of news items in response to EMA's relocation from London to Amsterdam.

28 March 2020 - Stainless steel artwork in front of the EMA building
The Amsterdam-based artist Gijs Assmann designed a work of art that was placed in front of the new EMA building on the Zuidas in Amsterdam on Saturday 28 March. Read more

15 november 2019 - Dutch authorities hand over final building to EMA in Amsterdam
Today, the Dutch authorities have handed over to EMA its newly built tailor-made premises, located in the Zuidas area of Amsterdam. Guido Rasi, EMA’s Executive Director, signed the lease agreement and thanked the Dutch authorities for reaching this important milestone on time. Read more

15 november 2019 - EMA almost open for business in Amsterdam
The new EMA offices in Amsterdam were formally opened on 15 November 2019, almost two years to the day that the Dutch capital won the race to host the organization. Read more

25 March 2019 - EMA: A Catalyst for Vital Citizens in a Healthy Economy
The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector is welcoming EMA as a catalyst that will further advance the fast-growing and prolific sector. Read more

12 March 2019 - EMA opens Amsterdam office
The European Medicines Agency has officially begun operating out of its new temporary home in Amsterdam. Read more

11 Februari 2019 - What are the opportunities for Amsterdam after Brexit?
Amsterdam is intent on exploiting what opportunities present themselves if Brexit is going to happen. Read more

28 January 2019 - EMA staff lower flags at London office as Amsterdam move nears
Staff at the European Medicines Agency have lowered the flags outside their London offices as they prepare to move to Amsterdam. Read more

9 January 2019 - Crossing the sea: EU Medicines Agency shifts to Amsterdam
A gift of traditional Dutch wooden shoes kicked off the European Union Medicines Agency’s formal move from London to Amsterdam. Read more

4 December 2018 - Europe’s Drug Regulator Is Backing Away From the U.K.
Europe’s medicines watchdog is bracing to make do without one of its most trusted partners. Read more

22 November 2018 - More EMA staff expected to move to Amsterdam
Fewer staff will leave their jobs when the European Medicines Agency moves its headquarters to Amsterdam. Read more

17 October 2018 - Relocation of European Medicines Agency: agreement on the legal text
Today the Permanent Representatives Committee approved, on behalf of the Council, an agreement with the European Parliament on the text of the regulations for the relocation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Amsterdam. Read more

20 July 2018 - EU drug regulators step up work to prepare for 'no deal' Brexit
Executive director of the Netherlands Medicines Evaluation Board Hugo Hurts talks about hiring extra staff and increasing their workload as the role of British experts in the EU-wide system of medicines supervision winds down ahead of Brexit. Read the interview

31 May 2018 - Interview with EMA's Executive Director, Professor Guido Rasi
In an interview in AMS business magazine 2018-2019 of 31 May 31 2018, EMA's Executive Director Guido Rasi gives his view on the relocation of EMA from London to Amsterdam. The author is Hans Kops. Read the interview

29 May 2018 - Construction of new EMA building in Amsterdam on track
The laying of the foundation stone for the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) new building in the Zuidas area of Amsterdam was marked with a ceremony on Monday, 28 May 2018. Read more

12 April 2018 - OVG Real Estate sells Spark building to the Central Government Real Estate Agency
The Central Government Real Estate Agency, which initially planned to sign a long-term lease for the Spark building, has decided to buy the property. Read more

12 April 2018 - Dutch state buys temporary EMA building for €42.8 million
The Dutch government is buying the Spark building in Amsterdam, where the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be temporarily accommodated until construction of its new building on the Zuidas is complete. Read more

15 March 2018 - European Medicines Agency move to Amsterdam: MEPs back plans but set conditions
The law enacting the European Medicines Agency’s relocation from London to Amsterdam, due to Brexit, was approved by MEPs on Thursday. Read more

13 March 2018 - European parliament approves EMA move to Amsterdam
The European parliament’s health committee voted in favour of the decision to relocate the European Medicines Agency from London to Amsterdam. Read more

8 March 2018 - Dura Vermeer and Heijmans in building consortium for European Medicines Agency new-build project
Dura Vermeer is involving Heijmans in realizing the European Medicines Agency (EMA) new-build project on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Together, both parties form a building consortium, with Dura Vermeer remaining the contract party for its client Rijksvastgoedbedrijf. Read more

8 March 2018 - EMA Amsterdam office to cost €255m, including 20 years of maintenance
The Dutch government has signed a €255m contract with construction group Dura Vermeer to build the new Amsterdam offices for the European Medicines Agency. Read more

14 December 2017 - Dutch government sets up relocation help desk for EMA staff
A help desk has been established at the London headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to support staff relocating to its new headquarters in Amsterdam. Read more

21 November 2017 - European Medicines Agency (EMA) moving to Amsterdam
“We welcome today’s decision on the new location of EMA,” said Guido Rasi, EMA’s executive director. “Now that we finally know where our journey is taking us, we can take concrete actions for a successful move.” Read more

20 November 2017 - Amsterdam wins race to host the European Medicines Agency
Amsterdam has succeeded in its bid to host the European Medicines Agency when the organisation leaves London following Brexit. Read more

28 April 2017 - Amsterdam in the running as new home of the EMA
The Dutch government has officially nominated Amsterdam as the new location for the European Medicines Agency, which is currently based in London. Read more